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About the Artist

I am Becs. I live in Hahei on the Coromandel peninsula with my partner Martinus, our dog Jake and recently we have welcomed a little boy (Awa) into our family.

I am a self- taught artist focussing on pen and pencil drawing and over the last few years have been experimenting with woodcut printing techniques.

Although my art production has slowed as of late due to my new parenting role I love that drawing is such an accessible form of art - I can grab a pen and paper and chip away at pieces whilst the little man sleeps. 


I am influenced heavily by the beautiful places that I live or have had the joy of visiting. I enjoy tapping into the culture, people and activities of the places I visit and also have an interest in cartography and geography and often use a map to plan out the composition of a drawing.

Please get in contact with me via email or social media to ask any questions.

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